4 comments on “Richard Cory by Edward Arlington Robinson (with added input)

  1. I like the poem but then, I like that sort of dark type stuff. To your point, you never truly know, do you? Each of us can, in ourselves, exist in a very extreme and trying place, a place that’s somewhat shielded from the sight of even those close to us. Did I say, i really liked the poem?

    • Hey I admire your good taste in poetry!!

      Also I see your point and agree would we truly know if a person is going through such pain, such agony. Even the closet of friends might be able shield that from us.

      Such a place of extreme is a place where if i ever thread i would truly hope some light follows me so i would know my way back.

      thanks for the response, greatly appreciate your wisdom.

    • thank you!

      working with families and children suicide is a very serious, tough topic that needs more light on it. to a degree a lot of destructive vices people indulged in has some similar symptoms to suicide–

      escape reality..

      Thanks for the wisdom :o)

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