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POETRY: Confined (Friday Night Poetry Corner #18)


Greetings everyone!!

Again my apologies for blogging the Friday Night Poetry Corner (18) today but I just completed a 14hour road trip (from D.C to St. Louis, MO).

Very long journey…

Now for this addition of the Corner an old favorite poet; my writing partner and creator of Corner Pocket ,Aftermath and Shadow Within A City (co-authored) F. Kenneth Taylor. His poem is called “Confined.”

Check it out and thanks for visiting and also thanks for supporting the blog and all the writings of guest poets. Much Respects!!

F. Kenneth Taylor

This piece is being written live,

You see each word,

The same as I. . .

For the first time,

No revisions, no deletions,

They appear as I speak em’

This is my writing,

In it’s purest form,


Raw emotion,


From the dwindlings of the bowels of my soul,






Did I say I was angry?

Let me re-phrase it. . .

Pissed off!

To many situations,

Unwelcomed circumstances,

Irreconcilable differences,

Perhaps imprisonment,

Delusional happiness,


By the iron gates,

Locking from the opposite,

Pausing time,

Movement. . .


Rejecting appeal,

Justice sees none,

Only laboring burdens,

Escape is a labyrinth,


Psychological incapacitation,

This is solitary,

This is a world,

My world. . .


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