My name is Suicide.  (Friday Night Poetry Corner #77)

MMJ laws reduce the incidence of suicide by men under 40 /
MMJ laws reduce the incidence of suicide by men under 40 /


Greetings everyone and welcome to another edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner (yes a day later but nonetheless..).

Lily P. McLaughlin is the poet that will be feature today. This work called “My Name is Suicide” is a powerful yet important work that needs to be acknowledged more in society. I am glad people like her are giving more awareness on the topic as I am sure you, know I known friends who had people in their lives take their own life suddenly. Leaving more questions than answers.

Well visit Lily P. McLaughlin’s blog and look at more of her topics that are settled in realism and needs to be spoken more of. As for this topic, look at the local agencies such as suicide prevention if you want to do more in your surrounding community. Thanks for stopping by and always be creative, progressive, and empathetic. That will always be a good mix of humanity I must humbly say.. 🙂


It takes away the taste in your mouth.

It lingers over the hearts of many.

It’s sting can be felt by perfect strangers.

It causes the most unfamiliar, yet recognizable pain.

Questioned by all.

Accepted by none.

So why does it keep happening?

Today someone lost a son.

-Lily P. McLaughlin-

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