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When We Count Our Dead (Friday Night Poetry Corner #132)



Good evening everyone! Welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. Today, well this evening, this fantastic poet– Vikas Chandra, wrote an amazing poem of strong emotion. This work is called “When We Count Our Dead.” Read this great work, also visit his page. Trust me, there are more wonderful poems that follows the one that is on display…

vikas chandra

Bounties of war, swathed in stately shroud
Smell the rotting flesh, on martyrs’ pride!
Who lied to them, that a death avowed
Is the only deed, to be glorified!

Bravo, bravo! How many stars?
Will you earn, not see, with stony eyes
Whilst time fades your glory, those lasting scars
Are just for your kin, to rationalize!

To slumber amongst, a clan of killers
Who fight for their lands, or their régimes!
Nameless, faceless, same cadavers
Mere fodders, to their nations’ schemes!

Why histories love, to nurture wars
Into heroes’ epics, not a mean bloodshed
We raise new martyrs, to settle old scores
In the farms of gores, When We Count Our Dead!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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The Father Of Rock-N-Roll: Tribute To Chuck Berry

Good evening my fellow bloggers. Sadly a short time ago my hometown loss its great son, Mr. Chuck Berry–Rock & Roll King! Here is a great piece by Some Unique Magazine’s CEO/Founder F. Kenneth Taylor, honoring Mr. Berry, this talented, beloved elder who is now with the endless energy of time..

Some'n Unique Magazine, LLC

F. Kenneth Taylor

On Saturday, March 18th, 2017; the music industry lost the ‘Father of Rock-n-Roll,’ some would rightfully argue, and music legend and icon, Chuck Berry. The St. Louis, MO native and music pioneer died at his Wentzville, MO home from natural causes, and currently no autopsy has been planned.  Born, Charles Edward Anderson, on October 26th, 1926, music entered Berry’s life very early as he discovered inspiration from Gospel, Blues, and even Country.

Photographer Unk. Chuck Berry. http://www.chuckberry.com. Mar. 20, 2017

Chuck Berry stepped on stage for the first time at Sumner High School, a well-known landmark among St. Louis natives and residents.  Unfortunately, as a teen, Berry was mischievous and troublesome, and soon found himself spending three years in reform school for his actions. Upon his release in 1947, he settled into normal life, earning degrees in Hairdressing and Cosmotology, before landing employment…

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POETRY: Thus Spake Death (Friday Night Poetry Corner #117)



Greetings everyone and welcome to another edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner.  This week I am featuring a great, creative poet, Sa’ad Ahmed Shaikh called “Thus Spake Death.” This young man is a writer for Some n’ Unique Magazine and is making a name for himself. Visit the site and read more this this gifted writer. This poet has such control over the play of words and mixes the emotions of self and outer reality is borderline brilliance.

Some'n Unique Magazine, LLC

Original Poetry By
Sa’ad Ahmed Shaikh

POETRY: Thus Spake Death

DSC_6356(2).jpg Image courtesy: Sa’ad Ahmed Shaikh / Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC

POETRY: Thus Spake Death

How arrogant are we? How blind to our own pettiness? Man has only to take a look around himself to realise; all his attempts at controlling things, all his efforts… are futile. Nothing matters. Nothing will. Yet, he hasn’t learned. He simply goes deeper and deeper into the grave he’s digging for himself.

With all the chaos we’ve created around us, what about the one everybody fears? What are his thoughts? How does he view us? What opinion does he nurture? The following poem is a take assumed from the point of view of Death itself.

Thus Spake Death

Well, hello! who walks there?
Who saunters with such arrogance?
Oh, my, my! it’s you, of course.
Who else, but you proud little humans?

I should’ve known…

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