Avenging Knights—-“The Conflict of Demon in Zero Hour.”

From recent previous poets I'd been showcasing my first publish book called “Avenging Knights Rebirth of Lost Honor.” The current edition out now is a 2nd edition with better writing and a correction of a few mistakes the original had in it--mainly typos. I displayed profiles of certain characters along with a brief passage. Today … Continue reading Avenging Knights—-“The Conflict of Demon in Zero Hour.”

Play-biting? (Friday Night Poetry Corner #88)



Good evening everyone and welcome back to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. Last we I took a break to recover a bit from a very busy week. Also we are nearing the milestone of #100 corners!! G-d I love all the support y’all shown me throughout the years!! Very much appreciated!

But lets leave that for another day, this week this magnificent poet name redgladiola has a nice, wordplay poem called “Play-biting?” First—I love cats. Second, the word play is awesome. Third—it was a short yet fun read. Fourth—it ain’t a damn forth just read it already :-).

Seriously if and when you get a chance read more of this poet’s works. It is quite impressive..


nips for me to learn
the intricacies
of cat-speak

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