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POETRY: Thus Spake Death (Friday Night Poetry Corner #117)



Greetings everyone and welcome to another edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner.  This week I am featuring a great, creative poet, Sa’ad Ahmed Shaikh called “Thus Spake Death.” This young man is a writer for Some n’ Unique Magazine and is making a name for himself. Visit the site and read more this this gifted writer. This poet has such control over the play of words and mixes the emotions of self and outer reality is borderline brilliance.

Some'n Unique Magazine, LLC

Original Poetry By
Sa’ad Ahmed Shaikh

POETRY: Thus Spake Death

DSC_6356(2).jpg Image courtesy: Sa’ad Ahmed Shaikh / Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC

POETRY: Thus Spake Death

How arrogant are we? How blind to our own pettiness? Man has only to take a look around himself to realise; all his attempts at controlling things, all his efforts… are futile. Nothing matters. Nothing will. Yet, he hasn’t learned. He simply goes deeper and deeper into the grave he’s digging for himself.

With all the chaos we’ve created around us, what about the one everybody fears? What are his thoughts? How does he view us? What opinion does he nurture? The following poem is a take assumed from the point of view of Death itself.

Thus Spake Death

Well, hello! who walks there?
Who saunters with such arrogance?
Oh, my, my! it’s you, of course.
Who else, but you proud little humans?

I should’ve known…

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