death to easy listening (Friday Night Poetry Corner #179)

Jazz Photograph – Jazz In The Dark by Dave Coleman



Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week, I will admit is one of the best poems I read this year and that is saying a lot from the many wonderful works I showcased. Check out Musehick’s work called “death to easy listening” and see for yourself.

punk jazz poetry

death to easy listening
i want music that requires effort
complicated polyrhythmic or atonal
skipping along the edge of coherence
substance versus appearance
the interplay and interference

i want african beats, and cuban tweaks
and gamelan turns and repeats
i want to hear the swirl
that captures the chaotic beauty of the world
i do not want background listening

maybe dream of nashville
maybe new orleans
maybe detroit
all these beautiful scenes
where the music in the landscape
makes it onto the mixtape
makes it onto the dubplate
all the stems mixed
the beauty isn’t broken; doesn’t need to be fixed

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