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On Location Series #12–Glendening Nature Preserve




The Glendening Nature Preserve was an exceptional experience.  During my short venture there, the greenery was not fully in bloom as spring was just a few days away.  I could hear the birds though, but that was about it in terms of wildlife.

Well to my ears and eyes, truthfully.
I intend to return here sometime in the late spring or early summer.  That time nature will be awakened in all beauty and selfishly, I can take better pictures.  The hike was pleasant nonetheless.  There were several trails that connected to each other, some near the water (wetlands).  Others with higher elevation (cliffs).  The rest is flat and hilly areas nearing different campsites and snake deep in the brush.  I seriously advised this place for more exploration, one of the true gems in Prince George County Maryland.
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Also, take the journey in recorded realtime by following the videos below. Thanks again for visiting and look for more On Locations spots in the near future:


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14th February 2018 (Friday Night Poetry Corner #198)

Love-lost Elegy – DECO*27 – Wallpaper #764611 – Zerochan Anime Image …
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Good evening and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week we have a deep joint written by Drlroimata called “14TH FEBRUARY 2018.” You will enjoy this and also it will create conversation around the meaning of this work.

written works of d.r.l.r

Acquiring my self worth would leave his attraction fading
to adore me fiercly when able to run rampant on my heart
So i dared hush it to sleep
like he would hush our fruition.

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